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This type of vacation is a surprise travel, a solution that is becoming fashionable all over Italy. Today there are many ways to take a vacation and many of these are recent, born above all from the creativity of young people. One of these new ways of vacationing is surprise travel, that is, journeys that do not involve knowledge of the destination. Among the most famous is the Waynabox travel experience agency that has already sent 70,000 people across Europe.

The main feature of these holidays is the fact of knowing your destination only 48 hours before leaving.
Before this moment, it is not known where we will go or with which company to travel. The tourist agency will communicate it before departure.

If you’ve never wondered what a surprise travel is, this is the right time. Is it really possible to plan a vacation without choosing the destination, or rather, only the city of departure?

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Surprise journeys are different because they have a much stronger emotional component than another journey. The possibility of living an adventure in which the destination is not decided, neither the flight nor the accommodation is a new reality to try. In fact, agencies dedicated to surprise travel, such as Waynabox, book hotel accommodation for travelers. Hotels, of course, are chosen based on positive reviews on the main tourist portals, such as TripAdvisor.

In Italy, it is possible to leave from the airports of Milan and Rome, while the potential destinations are over 60, including Barcelona, Berlin, Oporto, Prague, Budapest, Madrid, Amsterdam, Paris, Valencia, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Sofia.
Starting this year, Waynabox surprise trips are inspired by the Games of Thrones series and take travelers to a surprise city linked to the famous series. Departures are available from Milan and have destinations: Pentos (Malta), Winterfell (Edinburgh) and King’s Landing (Dubrovnik), Braavos (Barcelona / Girona), Yunkai (Marrakech) and Dorne (Seville). Those who love this series will be the protagonist of their adventure in places linked to the Throne of Swords with a surprise trip. The holiday starts from 450 € / pers. and includes return flight, hotel accommodation with a GoT-related setting and a dedicated activity.

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Surprise trips are a real travel experience. This new way of traveling is more and more fashionable and every year new formulas are born to make surprise holidays. Spending a few days abroad today is simple, but it’s not like living it as an adventure.

How does a surprise trip work?

Thanks to Waynabox the emotions related to travel, such as adrenaline, surprise, and curiosity, are much more pronounced because it is possible to choose the place of departure, but not the destination. The surprise holiday packages include the choice of dates to travel, the number of passengers and the airport of origin. After that, we have the opportunity to discard a destination we’ve already visited, so as not to repeat a vacation made in the past.

Furthermore, it is also possible to indicate the time slots of the flight in which to travel. As a rule, the times are chosen to make you fully enjoy the three days of vacation. Starting in the morning and returning in the evening. Only later, exactly 48 hours before leaving, will you receive your surprise destination together with the flight ticket with the check-in already made and the hotel chosen for you. The choice of accommodations is based on the good evaluations obtained by the structures on the main holiday portals, such as TripAdvisor or Booking. The destinations are located within the European Union and no further documents are required for travel, except the identity card. Among the most popular destinations, there are big European cities like Barcelona, ​​London, Madrid, and Paris. When visiting a large city it is important to consult a guide, both to visit the main tourist sites and to learn about the most hidden places.

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