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The search for a new destination is never easy and it’s not immediate.
You must feel the inspiration. It must arrive like a gust of wind, sudden, upsetting, and leave you there with ruffled hair and a glimmer of light among the gray of thoughts.
My inspiration came one winter morning.

After the wonderful experience in Myanmar, I returned to the daily routine.
Time has slipped into my hands and so has the feeling of not fully experiencing it.
I had to upset the routine and I needed an idea.

The inspiration came one winter morning, walking on the street, while an icy wind distracted me from my steps, making the last leaves hanging on the trees fly.
Following the current these did not follow a single direction, indeed, they created little vortices, and moved wherever the air brought them: north, south, east, and west.
That wind told me what to do: uprooted from home, leave alone, and challenge myself to make a new experience. How? Going against the current.
In fact, if before I have always traveled to the East, this time, for this new adventure, I will follow the wind of the West. Soon I will tell you the details of this new incredible journey.


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