Autumn in Val di Non: what to do between Malosco, Fondo and Cles

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Autumn in “Val di Non” has the scent of wood and the flavor of the strudel.
In this high valley of the province of Trento, among the rows of apples and coniferous forests, there are many small villages of ancient charm, among which are Malosco, Fund and Cles.


Small Town, built on the left bank of the Rio Sass, Malosco, is a village characterized by rustic but noble houses.

Not everyone knows it but precisely here, in 1892, was born Fortunato Depero, an artist and exponent of the Futurist current. Starting from the Hotel Panorama, a family-run spa hotel, you will be able to venture along its narrow lanes and admire breathtaking views of the square with a fountain near the Church of S.Tecla of 1228, following the many bike paths, you will see the impressive “Castel Malosco” ancient manor, rebuilt in the sixteenth century by Count Gerolamo Guarienti, now in abandoned state. Continuing the walk from the castle you will arrive directly in the historic center of Fondo.



The capital of the “Alta Val di Non”, Fondo, a town born in 1516 by the will of Emperor Massimiliano I, is worth a visit for the beautiful walk in the gorge of Rio Sas. Starting from the tourist office in the country, in via Roma 21, follow the signs indicating the path leading to the water museum from which begins this wonderful journey immersed in a landscape of stalactites, stalagmites and waterfalls. Following the course will enter the creek in the woods, encountering along the way an old mill.

The trees will soon leave the space to the rock, which is tighten, making the path even more impressive. Follow the catwalks in the canyon, overcome the small waterfall by climbing the staircase beside it, and let yourself be amazed at the landscape of the Emerald Lake.Going to the lake restaurant, in front of this you will find a wooden staircase hanging on the hill pointing to the way to the botanical garden.

Following it you will arrive at this small oasis that collects numerous alpine plants. Also here you can follow the itinerary in the forest, a hike suitable for all ages, which will allow you to immerse yourself in the silence of nature, to admire scattered musk expanses, light games between the trees, and perhaps to meet the fox the cedar rooster.


Little gem of the Val di Non, Cles, has ancient origins: its name comes from Ecclesia, because in the Middle Ages there was the first and only church in the territory.The village was also governed by Bernardo Clesio, Prince Bishop of Trento and Cardinal who promoted the Council of Trento in 1530. His dynasty still lives in the castle, overlooking the lake of Santa Giustina, visible from the panoramic point, called the “Doss del Pez”,  reached by a short walk from the main square of the village to the playground. Another building from the particulary history is the “Palazzo Assessorile” in the center of Cles: the rooms on the ground floor and on the first floor host art exhibitions, while the ones on the second and third floors, among colorful frescoes, hide stories of blood and power. Are the ones of the prisoners who lived in the small cells from which the frescoed rooms were obtained. Incised in the walls you will find many messages, and drawings, of political prisoners who lived in those small cells, suffered and died.

If you want, you can finish the itinerary in Val di Non visit the hermitage of Saint Romedio.

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