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In the province of Vicenza (Veneto, Italy) there is a small hamlet that overlooking a narrow rocky gorge carved by the creek Astico over the centuries. It ‘s a charming place where the blue sky is reflected in the crystal clear waters along with the green of the mountains.

Pria 1

Contrà Pria, is located just outside the town of Arsiero, and is surrounded by unspoiled nature. During the year, the area is almost uninhabited, but during the summer comes alive and the shores of of the river are crowded with bathers.

It’s a relaxing place, perfect for a weekend trip and where to freshen in these hot summer days. Despite there being a municipal ordinance that, for safety reasons, prohibits the dips from the bridge and from the rocks of the canyon, there are always numerous daredevils who want to experience the thrill of a flight of 10 meters in the cold waters of the creek. I don’t know if it was the heat, the clear water or the desire to plunge, but admiring the view from above, a shiver ran down my spine. 
It was a mix of fear and adrenaline. It was a thrill of freedom.


The freedom to be able, for once, to let go and make a jump into the void.
The freedom to enjoy the summer, the moment, the life.

I stopped a bit on the bridge to admire who dived in spite of prohibitions, but I remained steadfast, primarily for good sense and because to make a jump of 10 meters it really takes courage. (I found this video on the Internet that makes the idea of the jump).

Contrà Pria, is a fascinating place because it allows to dive into “Pozze of Arsiero”: three zones of the creek, where the water has formed ponds, where divers leave for their explorations. In these holes, about nine meters deep, diving enthusiasts can explore the hidden corners of the rocky gorge.

For those who remain on the surface, however, the beach is equipped with kiosks, beach volleyball courts, picnic areas suitable for families, groups of friends and even to pet owners who want to spend a day in nature.

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