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What can I expect from Austria?

Austria is a federal state made up of nine “Länder”, regions of ancient history and in which it is possible to discover traditions and folklore in contact with nature.

Austria, in fact, is one of the greenest countries in Europe and 47% of its territory is covered by woods.

It offers not only breathtaking views but also cities with lively culture such as Vienna, where visiting museums, historic buildings with beautiful parks, can be combined with excursions on the Danube island and moments of leisure in the many trendy cafes and clubs.

Things to see and do in Austria

The Hall of Giants in Hofburg


Information and average costs of a trip

Accomodation – Chalets in the woods, but also city design hotels, huts, campsites, hotels with wellness and family centers. The Austrian accommodation offer is able to satisfy the tastes and needs of every traveler.

Food – Austrian cuisine has a long tradition of dishes that intertwine the flavors of the 27 different nationalities of which the Habsburg Empire was once composed. There are numerous soups, meat dishes such as Wiener Schnitzel, stews or the famous Knödel, similar to dumplings, dumplings stuffed with meat, fish or vegetables, which come in different variations, but also delicious cakes such as Sacher.

Flying in Austria – Austria is connected to the rest of Europe and to the world thanks to the airports of Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck on which low cost, international airlines and the Austrian Airlines airline fly.

Getting around – From Italy it is possible to arrive in Austria by car, but also by train thanks to the trains of the ÖBB, the Austrian Railways that connect the whole country. In the cities you can move comfortably with public transport thanks to the cards that allow you to buy tickets for travel and visit museums, but also by bicycle.

Suggested daily budget – around 30 to 100 EUR

Money saving tips

Purchase city passes to get around by public transport cities like Vienna are equipped with city passes that allow you to easily explore museums and tourist attractions
Eat in typical places read the prices of the menus on display and choose the ones that inspire you
Plan visits to museums, historic buildings, places of interest book tickets online to skip the line

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