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When in Vietnam, do as the Vietnamese do!
Today I speak of the Vietnamese coffee: dark, strong and sweet at the same time. Delightful. Vietnam is the second coffee exporter after Brazil and also here, as in Italy, there is a authentic culture around this beverage.

As in Italy there are more ways to taste and call it:

  1. Caphe sua da: Iced coffee with condensed milk
  2. Caphe da: Cold coffee without milk
  3. Caphe den: black coffee
  4. Caphe sun chua: Cold coffee with yogurt
  5. Caphe trung da: Coffee garnished with beaten egg albumen


They take you a glass cup with condensed milk inside. The glass will be leaning against a sort of micro pot which is the aluminum filter containing the coffee powder. Then the waiter will put the boiling water in the small pot and from there, after a couple of seconds, the coffee will start to drip over the layer of milk.
The process is very slow and occurred while waiting you can pleasantly converse with friends. After a few minutes all the droplets of coffee will be out from the filter, and you can mix the coffee to condensed milk until obtaining a delicious beverage.
If you want to drink the coffee cold put the beverage from the cup to the glass with the ice.

The Curiosity

In Vietnam is produced one of the most prized and expensive varieties of coffee in the world: the Kopi Luwak (weasel coffee) whose price can reach $ 3,000 per kilogram.
This type of coffee is special because, to produce it, the coffee beans are given to eat at the weasels. These animals, in fact, during digestion produce intestinal enzymes able to eliminate the bitter notes of coffee, and therefore defecate coffee beans which has a sweet aroma.

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