In Japan opens the first hotel with robot receptionists

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Science fiction becomes reality in Japan where there is a hotel with Robot receptionist.

Humanoids will welcome in the hotel “Henn-na” in the city of Sasebo.
In fact this is one of the first hotels where employees are little robots that not only will make you check in, but also will bring your luggage and will take care of tidying up your wardrobe.

The hotel is the result of the creative idea of the entrepreneur Hideo Sawada who decided to build the futuristic structure, composed of 72 rooms, inside the huge amusement park “Huis Ten Bosch” in Nagasaki prefecture.

His idea, in fact, was to create a place fun, comfortable and with competitively priced.
Technology is everywhere: the rooms will open with facial recognition. The lighting is LED lights and guests will have a tablet to communicate with the reception.

To adjust the temperature in the room there are sensors that detect your body temperature.

Costs? 67 euro for a double and 53 Euros for a single, the prices can be subject to change during the high season.

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