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We preferred Rome by moonlight because at night we see how a city is made. The poet Jean Cocteau was right, to explore the capital differently, we must wait for the first stars.

Jean Cocteau

The poet Jean Cocteau was right, to explore the capital in a different way you have to wait for the first stars. When the crowds of tourists withdraw, the chaos of the traffic subsides and the darkness hides the rubbish that degrades the monuments, a timid ray of light, “un friccico de Luna”, is enough to illuminate corners of eternal beauty.

It is a contrasting splendor that of the Pyramid of Cestius, a work of exotic charm that stands in the middle of a road intersection, while the Colosseum shines immensely, recalling the glories of a past and an Empire whose glory it recalls over the centuries.


White and imposing the Vittoriano, also known as Altare della Patria, in Piazza Venezia is the symbol of that Italy that fought for its values, while next to it, in Piazza d’Aracoeli, the ancient ruins of the Trajan Forum stand out, the largest of the forums. imperials of Rome.

The Trevi Fountain collects the desires of the world, while the large statue of Oceano, the work of the sculptor Pietro Bracci, watches over passersby from above. Finally, Piazza di Spagna, with its Fontana della Barcaccia and the steps of Trinità dei Monti, open the gaze to the modern and sparkling splendor of via Condotti, while in the sky the stars begin to hide to make way for the dawn of a new day.

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