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Milan, Milan is a great city… you can eat, drink, make love.

The rhyme is old, but the story it tells is always current because Milan, the great Milan, is a dynamic, modern city, never identical to itself.

Heart of the Italy that works and looks to the future with ambition and innovation Milan is a crossroads of peoples, a concentration of fashions and international customs, coming together under the shade of the Madonnina, the gilded copper statue by Giuseppe Perego and placed on the main spire of the cathedral.

You will find any kind of restaurant and any kind of entertainment, but if you visit the city with a tight budget I recommend you discover it in the simplest and cheapest way that exists: walking.


Milan Management Centre

With Expo, the city acquired new and modern spaces, and, if you arrive from the Central Station, one of these is the new Piazza Gae Aulenti: located in the “Management Centre” is surrounded by high towers, leased to various multinational companies, of which the main one is the Unicredit tower which, with its 231 meters, is one of the highest in Italy skyscrapers.

From there you can also admire the “Bosco verticale”, skyscraper characterized by terraces with two thousand arboreal essences, and the new building of the Lombardy Region. Continuing the walk in Corso Como you will arrive in the historic center and in the streets of fashion.

“Duomo”: the Cathedral

Built by Gian Galeazzo Visconti is the symbol of the city. The structure, in Gothic style, contains 3500 statues and the main spire is 108.50 meters high. In addition to admire the structure from the outside, I recommend you to go inside the church to admire the view of the city from the terraces: tickets on

If you are passionate about art, to the right of the Cathedral you will find the “Palazzo Reale” home of major exhibitions of art that come to town.


Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II e piazza Scala

The covered promenade that connects Piazza Duomo to Piazza della Scala is full of high-fashion shops and luxury restaurants. But I recommend you visit it, to make a small ritual for good luck: in the center of the gallery there is a mosaic with a bull, a symbol of Milan, put your feet on it, and with the heel resting on the “bull’s balls” do three laps on yourself!

If you appreciate theater and ballet you have to go to Piazza della Scala: home of the prestigious theater. If want to go shopping the surrounding streets to the Cathedral will do for you.

Le colonne di San Lorenzo

The marble columns are located in front of homonym basilica near the door medieval Ticinese. They are high about seven and a half meters and come from Roman buildings dating from the third century A.D. Were brought to their present location to complete the basilica. The assembling that you see today was built in the Middle Ages, between the eleventh and twelfth centuries.


Headquarters of nightlife town the canals are home to many restaurants and pubs where you can try the happy hour.


Parco Sempione

Walking in the green area of the city will give you the opportunity to admire the Arco della Pace, neoclassical monument dedicated to peace between European nations reached by the Congress of Vienna, and the Castello Sforzesco another symbol of the city built in the fifteenth century by Francesco Sforza on the remains of an ancient fortification of the fourteenth century known as Castrum Porte Jovis.

Nuovo quartiere CityLife

The three towers, designed by architects Zaha Hadid, Arata Isozaki and Daniel Libeskind, will constitute the emerging neighborhood of the city.
For now, in the area, you can admire the great tower Isozaki, acquired by Allianz, and nicknamed “The Straight”, while the others are under construction.

Close to it, there are the new and exclusive Hadid residences, seven buildings all different from each other, with heights from five to thirteen floors that overlook the park on one side and along the Via Senofonte-Piazza Giulio Cesare on the other, and Libeskind residences: eight buildings, with heights ranging from four to thirteen floors.

Good walk 😀 

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