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My Thailand is a green land like rice that grows in the hills of Chiang Mai and smells of cinnamon spice that gave more taste to the morning cappuccino.

My Thailand is a country full of contrasts, where the smile of a woman Karen to tourists, a glittering smile as the gold rings around her neck, hiding the sadness in her eyes.

My Thailand is rough as the skin of the elephants, animals so big and yet so fragile.


My Thailand is free like the wind ruffles my hair while I run aboard a tuk tuk on the streets of Bangkok


My Thailand is a moment in the ruins of Ayutthaya, a moment whose time as my breath, has stopped at the beauty.

My Thailand is art: art that, unexpectedly, colors the streets and fills your heart with joy.


My Thailand is a journey of light and shadow …. but I’ll tell you in future articles.

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