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During a trip to Myanmar, you should follow some simple rules of behavior related to traditions and customs of the country.

  1. Take off your shoes when you enter in a temple or Buddhist site or in a private home.
  2. Wear modest clothing: if you can avoid shorts, mini-skirts or short vest.
  3. Never touch someone on the head, including the children.
  4. Don’t take pictures with Buddha images
  5. Never turn your feet to something or someone. If happens apologize with the person even if you accidentally touch it with one foot.
  6. Don’t talk about politics with the locals unless they’re starting a conversation.
  7. Ask the permission if you want to photograph someone.

Practical tips to visit Bagan

  • Wear the flip flops that are comfortable to remove when you visit the temples
  • Bring a hat to shelter yourself from the sun and remember to take it off when you enter the temples
  • Bring a supply of water to drink during the trip: Bagan in fact is one of the hottest areas of Myanmar

Uses and costumes at the table of the restaurant:

  • Usually the fork is held in the left and is used to put food in the spoon with which you eat
  • The inhabitants of Myanmar aren’t used to chatting while eat: respects their silence and enjoy the food
  • If Myanmar friends invite you to the restaurant they will pay the bill to be hospitable, reciprocated the good gesture by offering a dinner.

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