Poli Distilleria: a family story

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The history of Grappa Poli is a family story.
Beginning in 1898 when the progenitor Giobatta, straw hats manufacturer with a passion for brandy, decided to install a small distillery on his cart with which to turn from house to house. To take advantage of that simple but brilliant idea, he thought about it.
His son, Giovanni, who decided to expand his father’s distillery by obtaining a new distillation plant from a wood-burning locomotive. Cultured and progressive Giovanni always turned his gaze towards the future and technological innovations such as the first cars and the telephone. He owes his will to transform the distillery, based in Schiavon, near Bassano del Grappa in Veneto, into a large company now known all over the world.


Giovanni passed on his innovative ideas to his son Antonio, called Toni, a free spirit who loved mechanics, before continuing the spiritual legacy left to him by his father. he traveled half a world on a red Guzzi motorcycle. Toni Poli, in fact, had a dream: to reach the North Cape on board his motorcycle. He left home in 1951 and, after 10 thousand kilometers, reached Norway before starting a long journey that brought him back to Schiavon where he took over the family business. That adventure lives again today in the taste of a special aperitif called Airone Rosso. In addition, Toni Poli is responsible for the modification, in 1956, of the original plant of the distillery that is still used by his sons Jacopo, Giampaolo, Barbara, and Andrea to produce grappa, spirits of fruit, wine, gin, liqueurs and liqueurs with grappa. The building that houses the distillery and the museum, which contains a collection with over 1500 historical schnapps, is a typical Venetian country house, but what makes it unique is the distillation system inside it. The Poli still, in fact, is one of the oldest still operating in Italy and is composed of copper caldaiette. As tradition, it works with steam and the processing cycle is intermittent because the marc is loaded into the boilers every two hours, ie the time required for distillation. 


In the museum rooms, instead, you can discover the origins of distillation, the raw materials and the methods with which they are processed, together with the history of the Poli family and the generations of workers who have contributed, with passion and humility, to make this company unique in its genre, distilling not only the grappa but also a culture with an ancient charm and an authentic flavor. 


In addition to the Schiavon headquarters, Poli Distilleria has also opened a museum in the historic center of Bassano del Grappa where you can discover how the history of grappa blends with alchemy. 


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