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The flowers color the cobbled streets of Poznan, the capital of the Wielkopolska region, in Poland, while in the early morning the silence in the historic market square Stary Rynek is interrupted only by the roar of the water gushing from the fountains.

Impressive statues, like silent guardians, watch over the Renaissance town hall until noon when, at the stroke of the clock, the people stop with their upturned nose to admire the small door of the tower from which two kids will come out, who, 12 times, will meet in a ritual that is repeated every day since 1551.

When the sun is high, life flows quickly through the streets of this university town located on the Warta River. The imposing buildings that recall the splendor of a medieval past alternate colorful buildings with modern murals and places that combine past and present, arts and crafts, such as the Stary Browar, an innovative multi-purpose center located inside a nineteenth-century brewery. In addition to the numerous shops, here are local, a park, a center of contemporary art and a hotel. In 2005 the Stary Browar was awarded by the International Council of Shopping Centers as the best shopping center in the world in the category of midsize shopping malls.

Easily accessible from Italy with Ryanair flights, Poznan, welcomes visitors with its old world charm, with the green meadows and forests of Park Cytadela, 100 hectares of gardens created on the remains of an ancient Prussian fortress, with the ancient castle, the baroque-gothic cathedral and with the genuine flavor of its typical dishes such as the “cornetto di San Martino” (rogal świętomarciński) prepared using a variation of puff pastry and stuffed with white poppy, vanilla, orange peel, cream, raisins, dried figs: one of the most famous pastry products Polish, marked by the PGI mark. The secrets of this culinary treasure can be explored in the museum Rogalowe Muzeum Poznania where visitors can listen to their history and try to prepare them.

The video was filmed by TripOrTrek’s videomaker, Alberto, which you can follow in our Youtube channel.

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