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Romano Battaglia wrote “I think we need so much courage to continue, fall, get up and move on. Basically what matters is not the goal, but the journey itself, the encounters, the experiences we have to live to learn to live. In joy and in pain this life is worth living it “.
My last year was like this: brave. I fell, I got up and I went on finding a new life lesson in my travels.
Salento on the bus was born from the desire to discover Puglia slowly. Turning it with public transport, with all the pros and cons of the case. Walking through the streets of Lecce, surrounded by new smiles, I realized that the whole road made to date has served to reach a moment called happiness.

One of the moments of happiness: admire Polignano a mare @triportrek

The beauty of this journey was the freedom to choose, day after day, where to go and what to see.
I admired beautiful landscapes from the window of buses and trains.
Expanses of olive trees, dormant countries in the heat of summer where life simply flowed finding themselves in the central square for a greeting and two words, cliffs lapped by the waves and carved by the winds, sandy beaches kissed by a crystal clear sea.
I have covered more than 300 km, taken more than ten buses and six trains, tracing my personal route to discover this Italian region. In seven days I visited Lecce, Otranto, Gallipoli, Porto Cesareo, Ostuni, Polignano a Mare and Bari.
Cities, different from each other, of which I will tell you stories and experiences in the next travel reports.

The itinerary carried out in a week of travel @triportrek. Map: Google Maps

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