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I’m Sara Panizzon, founder of TripOrTrek and word explorer.

Hello, I’m Sara Panizzon
I use writing to combine stories of people, places and works, in unique projects and help professionals and companies to communicate their value in digital spaces. I am a journalist with experiences in the printed paper for which, I dealt with news, culture, shows and tourism reportage, but also a copy and content writer specialized in the production of quality texts useful for corporate blogs, newsletters, presentations, brochures , catalogs for exhibitions and press releases. For the digital world, I work as a social media manager helping people to combine their ideas in a strategy and an editorial plan with which to enhance themselves.


You are arrived in this page for...

Your passion for travel

Imagine new horizons, distant lands and new cultures to be known. If you are a passionate traveler looking for ideas and suggestions to take that little big step that starts a journey, in TripOrTrek- Sara Panizzon's travel and adventures blog, you will find not only articles and curiosities from the world but also itineraries and Italian stories.

How can I help you

  • Writing articles and personalized interviews
  • Creating social content for your brand
  • Reviews of your Hotel or B&B
  • Reviews of your restaurant or venue
  • Participation in events and press tours for writing travel reports and creating content for social media

Things about me

What I know about writing and marketing is the result of a course of study completed with a degree in Management of cultural tourism at the University of Udine, years of experience as a journalist of the newspaper Il Giornale di Vicenza and activities such as content writer and social media manager for companies and professionals.

What I know about tourism is the result of numerous trips, made both for work and for passion, which made me come into contact with different people, cultures and territories.

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