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Missing a few days before my trip to Asia, and in this article I will tell you about the uses and customs of the population of Thailand. During your stay, for not be in unpleasant situations, the basic rule is to try to maintain a respectful and polite behavior.
Knowing these characteristics of the local people, you can avoid finding yourself in embarrassing situations.

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Not manifest your emotions in public situations

The Thai people are kind and sociable but not manifest emotions especially anger and rage. To the Thai people arguing in public only brings more misunderstandings, so should be avoided squabbles. Similarly the Thais are not accustomed to the demonstrations of affection and love in public so avoid kissing in front of them.

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Rude behavior

Thais greet each other with “wai” realized clasping her hands palm to palm just like we do when we pray. When you enter a house remember to greet the oldest person first and then the others. One thing that you absolutely must know before arriving in Thailand is that the feet, especially the soles of the feet, are considered a part of the body disgusting for this reason there are several taboos in the Thai culture. One of these is the prohibition to point your feet at anyone, because this is considered a very rude gesture. The same applies to those who point their feet toward a statue of the Buddha, the action is seen as a real insult to the deity.

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Rude behavior punished by law

Thais are very respectful of the nation and its symbols. Offenses against the flag, religion and monarchy are punishable by law. The Thai national anthem is broadcast by radio and television 2 times a day, at 8 am and 6 pm, if you are for example in a skytrain station you will notice that people stop, do you also. A movie theater, before watching the movie,is projected a short film with images of the King, is good practice to stand up. The royal family is revered by the Thai people and an insult to the monarchy can be punished by imprisonment or extradition.

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The religious customs in Thailand

When you visit the temples don’t wear provocative clothing, shorts or necklines: don’t wear shorts, tank tops, shorts, t-shirt. In addition, there is an obligation to take off your shoes before entering the consecrated areas and temples.
In Thailand all icons depicting the Buddha are considered sacred just like the temples: statues, photographs, necklaces, sculptures are objects sacred for Thais and must be respected. For example, the icons should never be positioned in the ground or, in any case, below the height of the bust of a person. Buddhist monks are figures respected by the population: in the past, for the women were forbidden to talk to them. You must respected this tradition.

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A last tip I can give to travelers who decide to go to Thailand is smile! The ancient Siam is the land of smiles so be happy, enjoy your holiday and remember that one day without a smile is a day wasted. 

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