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What is the right season to visit Thailand?

The climate of Thailand is tropical, hot and wet, dominated by monsoons. The country has two seasons: the wet summer between May and October and the dry winter season between November and April, the months between March and May are the hottest months of the year.


From November to March. The weather gets cool and dry with comfortable temperatures. In this period, which corresponds with the Christmas holiday Westerners, hotel prices may increase by 50%. The months between November and February are the best for a visit in Thailand, more fresh, dry and with a lower moisture content.


April- June. September October. The climate is hot and dry, a little ‘less in the mountains. Also the beaches are not very crowded, and September and October are the ideal months to visit the North and the Gulf Coast.


From July to October. Are the months of the monsoon season with rains and floods. With the bad weather links with the islands are scarce and some of these remain isolated.


bangkok has a hot and humid tropical climate, the hottest month is April, with average maximum temperatures of 35 ° C and average minimum of 26 ° C, December is the coolest month with average maximum temperatures of 31 ° C and average minimum of 21° C.

The North and north-east of the country

It is generally cooler than the capital, the city of Chiang Mai always has a tropical climate, but less humid and cooler during the winter months, the rains are also concentrated here during the monsoon of south- west between May and October, but the average annual rainfall in Chiang Mai at just over 1100 mm.

The South

It has more constant temperature throughout the year and most intense rains have, however, between the resorts along the coast of the Andaman Sea and those found along the Gulf of Thailand. The island of Phuket, which lies in the Andaman Sea, the hottest period is between March and April with average maximum temperatures of 34 ° C and average minimum of 25 ° C. The rainy season runs from May to October.
At Koh Samui the temperatures are similar to those of Phuket, the rainy season starts with the monsoon of the northeast, in October and ends in December, the driest months are those between January and April Koh Samui, located in the Gulf of Thailand.

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