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The Cammino Fogazzaro-Roi (the Fogazzaro – Roi Trail) is the first of the Cammini Veneti – Veneto Trails, long routes which the Association Cammini Veneti plans to develop in the countryside and hills in the Veneto area. The Cammino Fogazzaro-Roi is the result of the work of a group of volunteers who love the harmony that the rhythm of walking brings and who love their land.

This particular walk has been devised to introduce people to an area of Vicenza and its province which threads from Montegalda up to Tonezza del Cimone, bringing together sport, environment and culture. The Cammino Fogazzaro-Roi passes through places and past villas celebrated by the Vicentine writer Antonio Fogazzaro and cherished by his great-grandson the Marquess Giuseppe Roi, ambassador of Veneto culture and beauty throughout the world. It is no coincidence that the Cammino Fogazzaro-Roi was first conceived on the centenary of our great writer’s death (1911-2011). 

Cammino Fogazzaro Roi
L’itinerario del Cammino Fogazzaro Roi. Foto dal sito:

Explore the entire 80km trail which takes you from the countryside near Montegalda, south of Vicenza, along river banks and footpaths, through the city of Vicenza and then on past the freshwater springs to reach the Valle dell’Astico, finally climbing 1000 metres to Tonezza del Cimone:

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