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Tomorrow is the dawn of a new day.
The dawn of a new year that I hope will full of adventures.
Let me conclude 2017 by telling you one of the best experiences I have had in Myanmar: admire the sunrise from the temples of Bagan.


By renting an electric scooter and departing when the night envelops the sleepy villages, live moments of pure magic.
The stars drive the journey in search of the perfect temple from which to admire the rising sun.
Fear and adrenaline accompany each moment and, in the drowsy silence of the dark night, the temples stand against the starry sky as sleeping giants.
To enter requires courage because on the ceiling, hanging upside down, sleep the bats and the hands glide over rough stones, looking for a passage to the terraces. They are narrow coves with steep and sloping stairs.


The heart beats quickly as you go down the steps to climb to the top then, suddenly, the fresh air of the night arrives and the gaze is lost admiring the infinite horizon interrupted only by the illuminated domes of the temples. 


First in the distance and then ever stronger the Buddhist prayers rise from the monasteries. The dawn is approaching, the songs intensify and the light appears on the horizon, coloring it with gold.

At that moment there is only you, little man, in front of the beauty of the world.
In a moment, you, little man, let you overwhelm from that ray of light that illuminates the temples and your heart.
In that moment you realize that you are in front of a new day that is born, it grows and dies with the rays of the sun that now warms your cheeks.
Everything happens in that moment and is pure magic.

Happy new year TripOrTrek’s friends 


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