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Italy is a land rich of natural beauty, art and culture.

One way to know its treasures is walk along the ancient paths used by pilgrims since Roman times. Today, thanks to the help of the group “Friends of Via Postumia”, I bring you to discover a route through Italy from Aquileia to Genoa.

Via Postumia

Created thanks to the active participation of many fans, the Way of the Via Postumia, supports the walkers who wishing to retrace some of the trails of the ancient Roman road connecting Italy from East to West.

This path doesn’t follows the consular road, but want to give a chance to go to Santiago de Compostela passing by different italian walks – tell Andrea Vitiello of the Group Friends of Via Postumia- will be a journey of sharing: in Aquileia we will passing along the Celeste Way; in Castelfranco Veneto we will connect to the Way of St. Anthony; in Piacenza we will cross part of the the Via Francigena; in Canneto Pavese we will follow part of the Via degli Abati; in Volpedo we will follow a stretch of the Way of St. Augustine; in Genoa we will join the Via della Costa Ligure”.

The aim of the group of walkers, is to make: “the Via Postumia the connection between the Slovenian Route (jakobova pot) and the route Tolosana by GR653A from Menton to Arles – said Vitiello – This route aims to be a journey of sharing, vehicle of joy and brotherhood”.

All paths of the Way have been mapped and can be followed with a GPS: “Our will- conclude the volunteers of the Via Postumia Friends Group – is to involve the citizens of the countries where it passes the path to make discover the territory with different eyes to the pilgrims”.

Information: Facebook group “Amici della Postumia”

The places where it passes the Camino of the Via Postumia are:

  • Aquileia – Palmanova 29km
  • Palmanova – San Giorgio di Nogaro 16km
  • San Giorgio di Nogaro – Precenicco 20km
  • Precenicco – Latisana 14km
  • Latisana – Concordia Sagittaria 25km
  • Concordia Sagittaria – Motta di Livenza 33km
  • Motta di Livenza – Ponte di Piave 22km
  • Ponte di Piave – Treviso 65 km
  • Treviso – Castelfranco Veneto 34km
  • Castelfranco Veneto – Cittadella 20km
  • Cittadella – Quinto Vicentino 40km
  • Quinto Vicentino – Vicenza 13km
  • Vicenza – Lonigo 33km
  • Lonigo – Zevio 32km
  • Zevio – Verona 22km
  • Verona – Pescantina 16km
  • Pescantina – Peschiera del Garda 29km
  • Peschiera del Garda – Goito 27km
  • Goito – Mantova 26km
  • Mantova – Borgoforte 22km
  • Borgoforte – Marcaria 26km
  • Marcaria – Casalmaggiore 28km
  • Casalmaggiore – Solarolo Monasterolo 26km
  • Solarolo Monasterolo – Cremona 41km
  • Cremona – San Nazzaro 18km
  • San Nazzaro – Piacenza 29km
  • Piacenza – Castelnovo Val Tidone 25 km
  • Castelnovo Val Tidone-Canneto Pavese 29km
  • Canneto Pavese – Casteggio 25km
  • Casteggio – Voghera 19km
  • Voghera – Tortona 30km
  • Tortona – Stazzano 30km
  • Stazzano – Voltaggio 28km
  • Voltaggio – Fraconalto (agr. la Sereta) 16km
  • Fraconalto ( Sereta) – Pietralavezzara 11km
  • Pietralavezzara – Genova 31km

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