The wonder of being different

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“The true splendor is our single, suffered, diversity.”

Margaret Mazzantini

The sentence of the writer Margaret Mazzantini stands out in the window of the Feltrinelli bookshop in the central station of Milan.
A place of encounters and embraces stolen from the passing of time for those who leave and for those who stay.
A place where travel is born and ends.

A place of hopes, expectations, promises where people’s dreams are enclosed in the space of a suitcase. Trolleys and backpacks become traveling companions together with strangers who sit next to us, different people but who at that precise moment are similar to us because, with their dreams in their suitcase, they are sharing a piece of their road and their life.

Whether short or long trips, they have a common goal: they lead us to know each other, the different, as well as ourselves.
Whether outside the front door or in another country, the encounter with diversity leads us to overcome our limitations, to become curious, to open ourselves to new cultures, customs and customs. If on the one hand, we know others, on the other we also learn to know ourselves by being surprised by our curiosity, our ability to adapt to the surroundings that surround us and our desire to want to learn something new from those we face.

Each person embodies a story and it is up to us, to our will, to want to discover and share it. The encounter with the other thus becomes an opportunity to enrich ourselves and to break down cultural barriers, preconceptions, and prejudices. Because every person “in his single and suffered diversity, is wonderful” and the trips are also useful for this: to discover how much beauty there is in the world crossing, even if only for a moment, a look, a gesture or a word of those perfect ones strangers who, sitting next to us, share our same hopes, expectations, fears, and dreams.


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