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«How was the trip to Canada? »

To this question I will have answered one, ten, a hundred thousand times in the last days and the answer is always the same: «It was the experience I have always dreamed of doing: intense, unpredictable, exciting, unique».


Intense because every day I put myself to the test, living in a metropolis like Toronto, speaking a language different from mine, getting used to new daily rhythms.

Unpredictable as the climate of Canada able to pass from snow to the sun within a quarter of an hour. Unpredictable like me: I never thought I could adapt so well in a city so different from the places where I grew up, but there, in the middle of winter, I discovered that there was an invincible summer in me.

Exciting as friendships narrow during the journey. When I left Italy, alone with my suitcase, I never thought that at the end of this journey I would meet up with new friends from all over the world. A small international family full of life, dreams and smiles that I will never forget and that I would like to see again soon.


Unique, it was a unique experience. I loved Toronto. In this city, you don’t feel like a stranger, but a citizen of the world, as well as part of a society, built thanks to the dreams and hopes of people, coming from every continent, who have known, with tenacity and sacrifice, realize their desires. Toronto is a welcoming city in which the modernity of the financial district is opposed entire neighborhoods with bohemian-style wooden houses.

Toronto is innovation, with its art galleries full of new suggestions, but also tradition because everywhere the Canadian flag waving and in each museum tells the story of this incredible country where nature is still predominant.

Toronto is a dynamic city, you live it during the day, maybe with a coffee to sip while you wait for a street car, a typical red tram, and at night, when you get lost in the evening lights and in the music of pubs, while the moon shines in the sky.
Toronto is this, but also much more and I’ll tell you soon in the next articles…

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