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“In Toronto, wherever you look, you’ll see the CN Tower.”

Never sentence was more true, because this engineering feat, 553 meters high, is the fourth highest tower in the world as well as the icon that has made the city skyline unmistakable.

Its history begins in the seventies, a period in which Canada began to establish itself in the world market for its lively and expanding economy.
It was then that the Canadian National, the entity that ran the railway system and telecommunications, began to design a structure capable, not only to solve the problems of transmission of radio-TV frequencies, interrupted by the construction of other skyscrapers but that it would also become a representative symbol of Toronto and Canada in the world.

The construction of the tower began in 1973 and involved 1537 people who worked for 40 months to arrive at its inauguration, in June 1976, when it was first opened to the public who could climb the huge steel and concrete disc, at an altitude 342 meters, which houses the lookout point and the restaurant.


Climbing the tower is an experience to do once in a lifetime.

The ticket isn’t really cheap ($ 44 including tax), but the view that you admire from the vantage point is priceless. After passing the security checks at the base of the tower, you will pass some rooms dedicated to the history of the structure before waiting for the glass lifts that will take you to its top. (In addition to dizziness, to me it is also taking a shiver down my spine because it went up very quickly). When the elevator doors open up you will have Toronto at your feet and not only for the glass floor that will make you feel the thrill of walking in the void but also because the panorama that you can admire from the Cn Tower is spectacular.

In addition to the Toronto skyline, the look will be lost in the vastness of Lake Ontario and the great plains that surround the city. A unique view that you will not easily forget.
For the bravest there is also another way to enjoy the panoramic view: the Edge Walk the walk on the tower’s cornice, 356 meters high, tied with climbing harnesses. Cost $ 225 plus tax.


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