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Girls this article is for you: imagine a shopper’s paradise where you can buy bags, shoes, clothes, food, other bags, homeware, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, and much more.
Welcome to the Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City.
Located in the heart of the city not far from the park 23/9 this covered market is also open in the evening when the stands from inside move outside.
Vivid, colorful, noisy: Ben Thanh is one of the main tourist attractions of the city where it is easy to enter, but it is very difficult to get out because you spend hours and hours admiring the merchandise on display, but above all to buy them.


We entered early in the morning in this labyrinth of stands with a goal: find a pair of sunglasses (seen in Italy) but with a lower price than the Italian one.
Said and done: Located at the entrance, under the clock tower, there was a retailer of sunglasses that had the model I wanted. Considered the good price i got them and our trip into the market is continued quietly. We were into the market for more than two hours during which we discovered that there were two types of stands: those, close to the revenue, with the signs “fixed prices” and the internal ones where you have to negotiate prices with traders. They sold everything you could need, but because we were in a hurry and wanted to visit the city, we have postponed shopping in the afternoon.


In fact, ended the hike in the main places of attraction of Ho Chi Minhwalk around Ho Chi Minh City), we were walking in the park 23/9 to return to the market when some students of the University, belonging to the group “Talking With the Tourist “, stopped us to have a cultural exchange: they would have spoken of Vietnam and we’d talk about Italy.
I want to thank you very much for the advice, for their kindness, but above all I want to thank them for giving me a useful guidebook entitled “How to Survive in Saigon.”
From this small guide I learned some secrets to making great buys in the market.

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