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Every journey always begins with a choice. A small step into the unknown in which you feel fear and emotion.
In my case I’ve thought for a long time. I thought about it well: it will be a short or a long trip?
And where am I going? Sea, mountain, city, lake?

These questions have been swept away by the knowledge that, having only two weeks in August, I should have to think on a place that had all the things that I was looking for: sea, nature, history and culture.
Everything had to reconcile even with the taste of Alberto, incredibly Zen man, who has decided to spend his days with me.

For our thoughts the European horizon was too close, so we looked over toward the mysterious Asia and the cosmopolitan America.
I dreamed America, a trip on the road, on the Route 66. I dream to visit America’s Elvis, where rock music was born, the America where great dreams become reality.
Alberto, however, was attracted from the East, from its history, from its harmony, its nature.
India, Ladakh, Cambodia,he told me about an ancient but modern world. A world that he has seen with his own eyes and remained in his heart. So, overcome by curiosity to know those places, I left my American dream in the drawer to look to the East. So where we will go? Looking at the map of the world, we immediately thought to the South East Asia: the seaside resorts of Thailand, the Indonesian islands, the charm of green landscapes of Burma.

But then, looking better, it was there, that long strip of land located between China, Cambodia, Laos and overlooking the sea: the Vietnam.
A flash of curiosity jumped in our eyes. The curiosity was soon transformed into desire, and this has become at first a choice, then a certainty: we have to go!

In the next article I will tell you more details of this new adventure.

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