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The climate in Vietnam is complex when one region is wet, cold or humid, another presents clear weather and climate enjoyable.
Vietnam stretches for 1800 km and climate, in the two main cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minnh, is different. In fact, moving to South temperatures tend to rise, the humidity is high everywhere as well as the perception of heat and cold in the different seasons.

Climate North: in winter temperatures are between 16 and 23 degrees, with a minimum around 10 degrees and limited rainfall. The summer months are instead record high temperatures (25 to 35 degrees), heavy rains and occasional violent typhoons. In the northern part of the country there are two seasons: cool, rainy winters from November to April and hot summers from May to October. The mountain regions are cooler than coastal and there, in the winter, temperatures can drop below zero.

The climate in the Central Region is tropical, with two distinct seasons, the wet season, from September to November in which they occur typhoons, and the dry season from November to March. The best time for a trip to this area is between February and April. The central coastal area enjoys a dry climate from June to October. While between June and November the central and northern plants are occasionally affected by typhoons.

The Climate of the Southern Region is sub-equatorial. The average temperature during the year is about 28 degrees. Even here you can identify two seasons: wet, from May to November with high peaks of rainfall from June to August, and dry from December to April. The warmer and wetter period is between the end of February and May.

Environmental risks: Vietnam, especially in the central provinces and the Mekong Delta is wrought by torrential rains between June and October. For more information on the situation of the country visit the website:
In the case of typhoons: the monsoon season can cause landslides, mudslides allegamenti and therefore it is good to listen to the advice of the local population always attentive to the weather and ready to suggest places to visitors where to find shelter.

Having said that we are ready for everything and to be sure we will pack appropriate clothing to prevent sudden changes in temperature, such as sweatshirts and sweaters, as well as umbrella and waterproof jacket.

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