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The itinerary to the discovery of Santorso, small town in the Province of Vicenza, continues with a visit to a house full of timeless charm: Villa Rossi.

Villa Rossi. PHOTO by Festival Alto Vicentino

Founded in 1574 as a rural house of the noble family Bonifacio, in 1800 the house was given to the Velo family and, in 1843, to the Prosdocimi family who in turn sold it in 1865 to Alessandro Rossi, entrepreneur and senator of the Kingdom of Italy , who decided to make his home entrusting the project of restructuring to the architect Antonio Caregaro Negrin.

In 1862 Alessandro Rossi had begun the expansion of its textile company that, between 1870 and 1880, it would have the maximum growth with the creation of the working-class neighborhoods of the city of Schio and Piovene-Rocchette (which I will talk in other articles). 

Alessandro Rossi bought the old villa with the adjoining church of Santo Spirito and much of the surrounding land to make it an oasis of peace for his family and to create a “Model Farm” with the most advanced agricultural production systems.

Originally the house was small and divided into two distinct parts: the main house and the open barn. When the architect Caregaro Negrin began to renovate it to turn it into a great home for the large family by Alessandro Rossi, the house was in a state of neglect.

The architect from Vicenza expanded the main part, by adding two wings, one of which is raised relative to the entire floor of a building, thereby framing the bright prospect of the central body terminated in modern architectural forms.

Villa Rossi. PHOTO Festival Alto Vicentino

The park

Around the historic house there is the park of Villa Rossi.

Situated on the slopes of Mount Summano is divided into two parts: the upper part of the park that was destined to agricultural use and now includes a fence inside which lives a family of fallow deers, while the lower part is a nineteenth century garden full of sinuous small paths, romantic fountains and ponds that make it a magical place.

Villa Rossi, now owned by the Municipality of Schio and Santorso, in summer it becomes a venue for art exhibitions and cultural events, the most famous of which is the International Short Film Festival Alto Vicentino which this year will take place from 14 to 19 June.

If you want to discover the history of Villa Rossi watching the beautiful video made by Schio and Santorso municipalities.

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