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Seven basic clothes to show off an impeccable look on every occasion and dress like a Parisian

Paris is a city with an elegant and refined charm that is also reflected in the way of living and dressing of its inhabitants. From the court of the King of France to today, the history of costume has marked that of the city so much that the Palais Galliéra, an elegant Renaissance palace on Avenue Pierre-Ier-de-Serbie 10, has been open to the public since 1977 as the Musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris and contains not only clothing collections that illustrate the evolution of sartorial art in Paris, but also donations from the most important fashion houses such as Yves St-Laurent and Dior. If you are looking for new suggestions in its rooms you will find 70 thousand items divided into sections: clothing, linen, accessories, graphic arts and photography. Ideas taken up in many ways by Parisians capable of showing off an impeccable style in every occasion. The secret of their elegance? The famous model and stylist Ines De La Fressange tells it with wisdom and irony in the book “The Parisian. Guide to chic”.

In fact, to have a chic and refined made in Paris look, you don’t need to buy clothes in luxury boutiques, but have seven basic items with timeless charm in your wardrobe:

  • a men’s jacket
  • a trench coat
  • a navy blue pullover
  • a tank top
  • a sheath dress black
  • jeans
  • a leather blouson

Simple garments but which, worn in the right way and at the right time, will give you a unique touch.

walk with trench coat in Paris

The men’s jacket

The men’s jacket The first to understand that this male garment could be enhanced with femininity was Yves Saint Laurent with his tuxedo jacket under which he suggested wearing only a bra. Since we can’t all afford it, here are some tips to get inspired by that look while maintaining good taste.

  1. 1 Put a belt to belt the jacket and enhance the line
  2. 2 Roll up the sleeves to give it an easy touch
  3. 3 Wear it with a white blouse and jeans to be casual.

The Trench

The trench coat The iconic model is Burberry but every tench, if worn with style, becomes a garment for all seasons. Some advices:

  1. 1 Roll up your sleeves, soften the collar to keep it from looking stiff
  2. 2 Knot the belt on your back and not at the waist
  3. 3 Wear it over jeans or elegant trousers: it’s always perfect

The blue marine pull

The blue marine pull Simple but effective, the blue pullover is suitable for any occasion as long as you follow some tips:

  1. 1 worn with white jeans is reminiscent of Jackie Kennedy’s style
  2. 2 worn with flat shoes has an easy effect
  3. 3 worn with heels will give you a touch of class but be careful to match the right accessories


Accompanies the look by enhancing other garments or shoes. Useful tips to wear it:

  1. 1 Pair it with beige pants, jeans or skirts
  2. 2 Enhance it with a beautiful necklace
  3. 3 Wear it under a tuxedo jacket

The little black dress

It is the basic garment par excellence: simple and elegant, just remember Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Tips:

  1. 1 Wear it by matching the right accessories like a nice bag and sunglasses
  2. 2 You can combine it with both heeled shoes and ballerinas


The best jeans are the ones that make us feel good, our favorites Whether blue or other colors, they are good in every season and like salt they are good on everything. The Parisians teach.

The Blouson of skin

Brown or black leather is a garment that makes every day rock. The more worn it is, the more beautiful it is. Do not limit yourself to traditional shops, to find real treasures also look for vintage shops.

In their simplicity, these seven must-have clothes will make you feel elegant and refined on any occasion. You just have to show them off in Paris too.

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