Art and nature in Andrè Heller’s garden of dreams

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Among the hills planted with olive trees of Gardone Riviera, on the Brescia side of Lake Garda, there is a botanical garden where art meets nature: it is the park of the Andrè Heller Foundation.

Born from the dream of the multimedia artist and of Viennese origin Andrè Heller, this garden is a “sample of regions of the world” as it collects plants from every continent that have found a new home in Gardone Riviera thanks to the mild climate of the lake. Located near the Vittoriale degli Italiani, this splendid park, open every day from March to October from 9 to 19 and accessible by paying the entrance ticket, offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in a unique environment in which the beauty of plants and rare flowers is enhanced by numerous works of art, including sculptures by artists such as Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, Erwin Novak, Susanne Schmoegner, Rudolgh Hirt, which accompany the visitor on an unusual journey.

The different groups of plants and flowers are connected to each other by an intertwining of alleys, canals and small lakes. In the center of the park, an alpine valley has been recreated with pines, Nordic trees, cliffs, gorges, crevasses, where the water of three waterfalls gushes and falls while the spiers of the Dolimites redden in the background; small rocky landscape about 13 meters high. All around, ponds covered with water lilies and lotus flowers have been grouped, inhabited by giant Koi carp, and over which colorful butterflies and dragonflies fly. Peaceful corners that invite meditation. In fact, water is a fundamental element of this park that I recommend visiting early in the morning before the crowds of tourists. Only in this way with the first rays of the sun and the quiet of nature can you appreciate its charm.

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