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A mythical country capable of igniting every man’s imagination. An ancient, primeval, wild tropical paradise. A place where myth and reality come together in landscapes of extraordinary beauty that offer travelers the opportunity to feel free in boundless spaces.

This is Brazil.

Discovered in 1500 and independent since 1822, Brazil is a country that has made nature its strength and contrasts its beauty. In its immensity, large urban agglomerations rise in the shade of pristine forests furrowed by endless rivers, while along the coasts the sea shapes endless white beaches.

From Italy, a trip to Brazil doesn’t require a tourist visa, but two plane tickets, courage, a spirit of adaptability, a good propensity to learn to speak Portuguese in a short time, prudence and resourcefulness in perfect balance.

There are no limits to the itinerary, the landscapes are so many and varied that every wish can be realized. The only limit for travelers is the time to visit it because two weeks are not enough. On the other hand, from Italy it takes about 12 hours of flight to reach it and start a great adventure.

I hadn’t planned my trip to Brazil, it was Brazil that chose me just when I needed to travel. It was an incredible experience that gave me a lot of joy and made me daydream between myth and reality, but I’ll tell you this story in the next articles …


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