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“If the greater and lesser speed can alter the simplicity of motion, no simple body will ever move with simple motion” said Galileo Galilei grappling with celestial bodies in eternal motion in the universe and in continuous interaction with each other. Observing the daily reality, the comings and goings of people on the street, always running and always on the phone, sometimes I think we are a bit like those celestial bodies “in eternal movement and in continuous interaction with each other”, but we never move of simple motion. We are crazy splinters always looking for something.

What I’d like to find in this summer 2019 is a little simplicity. For this reason I have chosen to take a trip to one of the regions of Italy where the flavors of genuine cuisine are combined with an ancient and mystical culture: Puglia.

I will return to Salento for a new adventure among olive trees, villages and the sea in search of my “simple bike”. You can follow my journey from the end of July on the TripOrTrek Instagram channel

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