In the footsteps of the ancient medieval pilgrims with “Romea Strata”

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In the footsteps of the ancient medieval pilgrims with “Romea Strata” project.

The way of faith promoted by the Pilgrimage’s office of the Diocese of Vicenza give value to the paths used in the Middle Ages by the faithful that from Northern Europe, descending to Italy and along the Via Francigena, they arrived in Rome for visiting the tombs of Peter and Paul. 

In the Middle Ages, in fact, there were seven historic streets that crossed the North East of Italy and into which flowed the pilgrims who came from Europe to go to Santiago de Compostela, Rome and Jerusalem.

The Romea Strata follows these ancient routes: from the north-east of Italy to Rome. The project involving five Italian regions, for a total of 1302 km and the route is divided into eight sections, whose names recall the territories and the ancient roads.

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Friuli Venezia Giulia

Trentino Alto Adige


Emilia Romagna


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The four lines of march of the Romea Strata

By connecting the different parts of the Romea Strata are formed four main travel directions that unite to the ways that from Eastern Europe come to Italy and vice versa. Through the various sections of the Romea Strata you reach the Via Francigena.

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  • From Miren – Kostanjevica and San Miniato: Romea Aquileiense (km 94) + Romea Annia (km 247) + Romea Longobarda (km 332): tot km 673
  • From Tarvisio to San Miniato: Romea Allemagna (KM 187) + Romea Annia (Km 278) + Romea Longobarda(Km 294): tot km 759
  • From Brennero to San Miniato: Romea Brennero (Km 160) + Romea Vicetia (Km 109) + Romea Annia (Km 25) + Romea Longobarda (Km 332) : tot km 626
  • From Verona to San Miniato: Romea Porciliana (Km 66) + Romea Annia (Km 25) + Romea Longobarda (km 332): tot km 423

From San Miniato you can reach Rome, Santiago de Compostela and Jerusalem

  • ROME, continuing along the Via Francigena: 345 km
  • JERUSALEM, continuing along the Via Francigena of the South to Brindisi and then by sea: 2.945 km
  • SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, continuing on the North Via Francigena, Via Cassia, Via Domitia, Via Tolosana and French Way to Santiago: 2415 km

For more information: website Romea Strata

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