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In a landscape dotted with steep and wooded hills is located a lake with crystal clear water that, in the north part, is narrow between the mountains like a Norwegian fjord.
A quiet place, in the countryside, where you can relax from everyday life.

Lake Levico, the second body of water in Valsugana, with its clear waters, awarded in 2013 with the prestigious international Blue Flag of the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education), has become a very popular tourist destination thanks to the nearby thermal spa. Today, between nature and wellness, I bring you to discover this unspoilt corner of Trentino Alto Adige.

The lake

Waterhole among the cleanest that I have ever seen, Lake Levico surprised me for its equipped beaches, where basking in the sun, and its cafes where you can sip drinks while admiring the view. Those who love sports can rent pedal boats, canoes and kayaks for short trips. I, preferring to remain on the ground, I ventured along the “Road of the fishermen”, the charming pedestrian-cycle path that runs along the north bank of the lake and along which I admired works of art, designed in the bark of trees, and fishermen.

The Spa

Famous and appreciated already Habsburg aristocracy, the Levico Terme are today modern plants specialized in the offer moments of comfort and relaxation to visitors.

The water used in wellness centers rises from the heart of the Lagorai mountains at 1,600 meters above sea level and is known by the name of “Acqua Forte“, because it is characterized by a high content of minerals and sulfates, including iron, which It gives it a reddish color. 

Spa treatments of Levico are great to cure skin diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal and respiratory system, diseases related to stress and anxiety, and gynecological problems. The prices of treatments vary from 58 euro it up. In Levico spa it is also an area dedicated to physiotherapy and circulatory health, with vascular, rehabilitation pool for physiotherapy and relaxation area with tea corner.


The Village

The Levico town is lovely, well kept and full of fountains and water features.
It evokes the atmosphere of the Belle Epoque, where princes and nobles from all over Europe gave themselves meeting in the center of the Valsugana to recover from the court fatigues. 

Walking among the flower beds, shops selling local products such as speck and workshops, I came into the Habsburg Park also called the thermal baths Park: an arboretum with beautiful and majestic trees.

The park was created in the late 1800s in conjunction with the work on the construction of the Spa and the Grand Hotel, which began in the fall of 1898.
Over 12 hectares of countryside were turned into a park, which was designed and built by Giorgio Zill, rank gardener, came specially from Nuremberg.

Among the many species of trees in the park, there are the giant sequoia (typical plant of North America), magnolia (native to South America), the pine and the cedar (Himalayas), firs (Canada) and gorgeous beech trees and acacia (VIRTUAL TOUR).

The park is ideal to relax, walk, run, or read a book. In the park I’ve played with the game of bocce! Near a beautiful gazebo, infact, there are three courts open to the public, where grannies from all Europe compete in exciting matches.I looked for a long time a place where to give respite to the thoughts,where stop to admire the view and where I could relax. In Levico I leave a piece of the heart: I leave it to the lake with crystal clear waters and in the tiny streets of the old town so cute and friendly. I leave this piece of heart, confident that soon I’m going to take it back in that uncontaminated area of Trentino.

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