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The countdown begins for the new adventure that will take me to a country that borders both the Atlantic ocean and the Pacific ocean.

A country inhabited for millennia by indigenous peoples and then colonized by English and French.
A country where nature is predominant, with immense forests, large lakes, highs mountains. 
A multi-ethnic and multicultural country that, for some time, I will call “home”: Canada.


I’m leaving to study and improve English, but also to learn about a new culture, which will allow me to return to Italy with new knowledge and awareness of myself and of the world.

Why did I choose Canada?

I am fascinated by its history, its landscapes and the fact that it is a multi-ethnic country where any traveler can find corners that remind him of his homeland.

Fonte: Wikipedia

Where will I go?

The federal state of Canada is divided into thirteen territorial units, ten of which are called “provinces” and three, located in the regions facing the Arctic, called “territories”.
The provinces of Québec, Ontario and New Brunswick constitute the geographical, historical and linguistic heart of “French Canada”. During my trip, I will be in Ontario, one of the most populous provinces of Canada where there are big cities like Toronto and Ottawa, the capital of the country. 


Where will I live?

In Toronto, the most multicultural city on the planet where more than 140 languages are spoken.
The largest foreign community in the city, after the Chinese one, is the Italian one that from the first settlement in the district of College then moved to Saint Clair called Corso Italia from 1988. Toronto is divided into 240 neighborhoods grouped into six districts, Old Toronto, East York, Etobicoke, Scarborough, North York and York. Also to cope with harsh and snowy winters, in the sixties, it was created also a real underground city called “The Path” consisting of 27 km of roads and shops.


Start the countdown of the days that are missing at the departure. I am experiencing different emotions: happiness, fear, curiosity, anxiety. It will be a solo trip and I really hope to be able to get the best out of this new experience. Cross your fingers for me.

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