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“I found myself dreaming of being elsewhere. Why, instead, don’t go there? “.
The quote is from Jim Morrison, but i will do mine to describe what led me to choose as a destination for the adventure of 2016: the Thailand. 


I found myself on dreaming of being elsewhere. I dreamed to fly till South America to discover the ancient pre-Columbian civilizations and I was more than willing to venture on the Amazon River. I dreamed unspoilt forests populated by colorful parrots and white paradisiacal beaches. I dreamed the Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Peru. I dreamed.

sud america

South America it is a wonderful destination but requires great organization and good economic means to visit it. From Italy there are air links, but you have to make several stops especially to reach Costa Rica, Ecuador and Peru. On this last I had focused my attention: I wanted to see Lima, Machu Picchu, Cusco, Lake Titicaca and the mysterious lines of Nazca. Unfortunately when i tried to organize my travel itinerary, the aircraft’s costs are increased so I have focused my thoughts to the Caribbean that are better served by air routes. What stopped me? The increasing spread of Zika virus in all South America.

I haven’t given up the search for the trip because as Cinderella said “Dreams are wishes of happiness,” so I wanted to look for happiness in another corner of paradise: Thailand.
Thailand, the ancient Siam, the land of smiles, is one of the places most frequented by travelers from around the world and here are the five good reasons why I’m convinced myself that I have to see it , once in my life. 

In the next articles i will tell you how to organize a trip in Thailand. 

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