Vietnam Express: Discovering the Silk Road

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East is synonym of silk and during our trip to Ho Chi Minh City we discovered the sartorial tradition of the beautiful Vietnamese dressAo Dài.”

Clothes modeled as sculptures, made with fabrics shiny and fine: the “Ao dài” are the traditional clothing of Vietnamese women. Narrow and adherents are worn over trousers. The word “ao dai” throughout history has been used to indicate different type of clothing, including the “ào Ngu thân”, dress, used by the aristocracy of the nineteenth century, that was born under the influence of fashion Chinese Manchu. In the 50 the designers of Saigon have drew the seductive lines of the garment still worn by Vietnamese women.There is also a men’s suit, a brocade robe, called “ào gấm“, which is usually worn during important ceremonies.

The streets of Ho Chi Minh City are full of tailors who sell ready “ao dai” or they sew new dress on tailor, and I couldn’t go back to Italy without having bought a silk dress. Near the park 23/9 I found the little tailor, Nam Silk, where I bought a dress ready and also I have commissioned another one personally choosing fabrics, colors and design. In four days I received the dress and it was perfect.

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