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Ho Chi Minh City is the capital of scooters. Metered taxi, motorcycle taxi and cyclo, or bicycles, scooters and car rental, and even many public transportation. The flow of traffic is constant, but to move in the city there will be spoiled for choice.

The options to explore Ho Chi Minh City: for who decide to visit the city with a bicycles there is the possibility to park in special fenced areas spread throughout the cities and stored for 500 dong for one day. Another option is the bus: the service has improved over time, there are yellow or green depending on the districts where you decided to want to go.

Surely this is the most economic solution and comfortable compared to other means such as motorbike taxi. Buses run at regular intervals of 10 to 20 minutes and the stops are close to each other. These also reach all corners of the country. Then there are the cyclo, bicycle for tourists led by intrepid cyclists. Not all areas of the city are open as they passed, and this may become a problem if you are in a hurry and do not want to spend: the taxiciclisti will ask an extra fee based on the time it will take to bring the turist on site.

However for travelling comfortable ideal remains the taxi. Also the trains connect the country from north to south. It’s possible to book the ticket in advance: according to the websites of the Vietnamese railways, the prices ranging from 14 to 18 dollars.

Finally boats: are one of the most used means of transport across the country. Some speed boats link Ho Chi Minh City to Vung Tau, Can Tho and Chau Doc.

In the next article I will talk about the climate of the country.


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