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Beautiful and difficult country, Myanmar offers a glimpse of authentic Asia, made of praying monks, farmers who work the land with plows pulled by oxen, and fishermen who, aboard tiny boats, face the sea to take home the food.


It isn’t a journey for everyone: to visit Myanmar you have to have the mind, but especially your heart open to meet the local population, poor, humble but always smiling despite the adversity. Only in this way, bringing respect for the locals, you will be able to understand this country full of contradictions and only in this way you will be able to fall in love of its unicity.


I fell in love with Myanmar.
I fell in love with its unspoiled landscapes, where the green rice fields leave the place to high mountains, large rivers, desert plains and fine sandy beaches wet by the hot waters of the Gulf of Bengal. I let myself be conquered by its story. I was fond of its people who in its extreme simplicity gave me so much: joy, serenity, smiles, peace.
In the next articles, I will tell you my Myanmar and the itinerary of what has been one of the most beautiful travels of my life.

Myanmar panorama

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